Deciphering the fine print on several professional liability quotes—each with over 40 pages of terms and options—can be a daunting task.  But our experts are up to the challenge:  we can help you meet your clients’ needs at a price they can handle.


From thief-thwarting taxicab shock seats to geese police for golf courses, our casualty team has nearly seen it all. No matter what size risk is at stake, we’ll devote our top resources and help you tackle your toughest accounts.


Not only do we have the resources and expertise to handle all sizes of hard-to-place commercial property risks, we also understand urgency: we’ll make it our priority to help you secure the proper coverage.

Liquor Liability

As a leading writer of Illinois liquor liability, we can get you quotes within minutes, not days. We’re able to help with placements in many other states, too.