From left: Bernie Hawk, Chris Gaddis, and Gayle Rutter
From left: Bernie Hawk, Chris Gaddis, and Gayle RutterPatty Severa, Rob McMonigle, Gloria Partacz, Jay Dillon, Angela Cale, Bob
Rosenkoetter, Brian Daum, and Trevor Gaddis also lend their expertise.

If a frazzled tech consultant calls you from the lobby of her current worksite to inquire about necessary E&O and cyber coverage just ten minutes before she’s set to begin the job—fret not.  At Donald Gaddis Company, we’re well aware of the need for speed: we’ve spent the last three decades handling difficult E&O, D&O, cyber, and media liability placements, and we’re able to deliver even when you’re under pressure and requests are urgent.

We’re also more than willing to step in when you’re dealing with a particularly challenging exposure and most standard carriers are backing away. For unusual risks we’ve seen ranging from power plant security consultants to a one-of-a-kind website that guides plastic surgeons through complex reconstructive procedures, we’ve been able to negotiate a variety of cost-effective coverage solutions.

But, above all, we’re willing to go the extra mile even when finding a solution seems unlikely.  We’ve handled our share of contractual issues, so when an unlucky contractor calls you with six months’ worth of pay on the line after rewiring an industrial building, we’ve been able to do the unthinkable and backdate E&O coverage to the job start date so that an inflexible client would finally pay.

Feel free to send us your worst; we promise we’ll give it our best.


Below, you can find some of the applications we use most often.  Feel free to call or email if you have any questions about which application would be appropriate for your particular client; we have hundreds more in our library.

Additionally, for some lines of professional liability, you also have the option to obtain quotes via our Online Quoting tool.  These can often be a convenient—and speedy—alternative, but keep in mind that we may also be able to negotiate more favorable terms than those generated by the tool.  As always, feel free to reach out with any questions.