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Founded in 1982, we are an independent wholesale brokerage and general agency specializing in difficult or unusual coverage placements on behalf of retail insurance producers. Learn More

Our Mission

It is our core belief that as a wholesaler, we must do more than provide access to markets; in short, we’ve got to add value. Amid a culture of talent, passion, and integrity, at Donald Gaddis Company, we have the resources to help retail agents thrive: we offer knowledgeable, lightning-fast service, with cost-effective coverage solutions through our well-established relationships with 7 binding authority markets and over 100 brokerage carriers.

Why Choose Us

At Donald Gaddis Company, we know our retail partners face tough challenges. We’ll work hard to make your job easier.


We can help with professional liability, hard to place commercial casualty, hard to place
commercial property, and liquor liability.

Partner With Us

We build strong relationships with our retail partners by working hard to earn their trust and loyalty.

Recent News

Cyber Liability | A Perfect Fit? When One Size Won’t “Suit” All

Just as in haberdashery, a one-size-fits-all approach to cyber liability can be an ill-fitted mess. But with hundreds of cyber forms available in the marketplace, comparing quotes and options to help your clients choose their “perfect fit” can be an exercise in frustration: even the definitions of seemingly common terms can vary from one form to the next. To complicate matters further, important coverage enhancements such as Social Engineering, Toll Fraud, or Full Prior Acts are sometimes not shown on quotes and only offered...

A Quarterly Hit Parade

What We’re Writing:A Quarterly Hit Parade   As the sun sets early and chilly air lingers, we’ve had a whiff of October these past few days. But at Donald Gaddis Company, we’re not cooling down. In fact, we’re heating up: this past quarter, we found important—and timely—coverage solutions for some of your toughest accounts, from cryptocurrency and pension funding to BYOB salons and poker cafés. Read on for a sample of our latest sizzling successes: Vacant Carson...

Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Debunking Myths About Scale Mega-Wholesalers Want You to Believe

Chris Gaddis, the President of Donald Gaddis Co., refutes the conventional wisdom that wholesalers must be huge to be viable in the new world of mega-mergers. Unlike a bushel of soybeans, business Insurance is not a commodity. Inappropriately crafted coverage can devastate a small company. The intermediary’s knowledge, integrity and commitment to excellence are critical. As anyone who has spent an exasperating hour on a 1-800 customer service call knows, bigger is not always better....

A Quarterly Hit Parade

What We’re Writing: A Quarterly Hit Parade Amidst a week of scant sunshine, stubborn wintry temps, and baseball snow delays, first quarter at Donald Gaddis Company has come to a close. While the ballparks worked around Monday’s surprise storm, we rounded up a few of our newest “base” hits to share with you. See below for a sample of our successes: Fertilizer distributor: GL including Products: $1M/2M limit. Sales: $650,000. $7,500 premium. Property TIV: $380,000. Special including. Theft. $5000 deductible....

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise. In an ever-changing excess and surplus lines industry, expertise is invaluable—we’ve been in business nearly 34 years, and our brokers average 20 years’ experience. Put simply, we know how to help.
  • Markets. With over 100 brokerage carriers and binding authority for 7 key markets, we have the resources to offer competitive quotes for tough accounts. We also maintain strong relationships with our carriers, which helps your submissions get top priority.
  • Accessibility. Our owners are all full-time producers, so you’ll never have to wade through layers of middle management when you have a time-sensitive issue. We’ll work hard to make things right.
  • Collaboration. As an independent shop, our team is collaborative by design—we take pride in helping each other, and you can count on us to help you.
  • Independence. At its roots, our company is a family-run operation, and wholesaling is all we do. With our entrepreneurial spirit, through the years we’ve built—and continued to strengthen—lasting relationships with our agents based on trust and mutual respect.

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