A Quarterly Hit Parade

What We’re Writing:
A Quarterly Hit Parade


As the sun sets early and chilly air lingers, we’ve had a whiff of October these past few days. But at Donald Gaddis Company, we’re not cooling down. In fact, we’re heating up: this past quarter, we found important—and timely—coverage solutions for some of your toughest accounts, from cryptocurrency and pension funding to BYOB salons and poker cafés. Read on for a sample of our latest sizzling successes:

  1. Vacant Carson Pirie Scott store: [Turned around within 24 hours] $24M property limit | $25,000 premium
  2. Pension Consultant to Governments: [Non-renewed due to $1M claim over pension funding issues] $11M revenue | $1M E&O limit; $50,000 deductible; $35,000 premium
  3. Discontinued Products – Car Care Products: [Business sold] $8M sales | 3-year policy; $1M/$2M limit for $44,000 premium | $3M excess for $4,500 premium
  4. Public Art Installations – e.g. statues, murals, light shows: [Art while under construction and on display] $1M GL for $500 to $1,500 premium | $5M excess for $1,375 to $2,750 premium | Coverage generally in name of installer with property owners as additional insureds
  5. Home Healthcare Agency – Pediatric Care: $6.5M revenue | $1M/$3M limit for E&O/GL, including $1M sexual abuse; $2,500 deductible; $29,000 premium
  6. Mud-jacking/Concrete Contractor: [Includes waterproofing] $350,000 revenue | $1M/$2M GL; $1,000 deductible; $5,250 premium
  7. 3-Day Craft Beer Festival: [Illinois Liquor Law Liability] $1M limit for $1,200 premium
  8. Video/Poker Gaming Café: [Illinois Liquor Law Liability] $1M limit for $500 premium
  9. BYOB for Hair Salon: [Illinois Liquor Law Liability] $1M limit for $400 premium
  10. Producer of Industrial/Educational Films and Commercials: $1.7M revenue | $1M Media Liability limit; $25,000 deductible; $2,017 premium
  11. Wine Shipments from Italy and France: [Ocean Cargo] $75,000 limit; $1,575 premium
  12. Nursing Home in Flood Plain Zone “AE”: [Private Flood Insurance] $8M limit; $50,000 premium
  13. Transaction Facilitator – OTC commodity, cash, and cryptocurrency trades: $1M E&O limit; $25,000 deductible; $25,000 premium

IT’S BACK! Convention Crowd Pleaser

We’ll be serving up smiles in Springfield again this year at the IIA of IL Convention: hurry over to booth #800 at the Tradeshow and come sip tropical slushies with us—spiked optional—and check out what’s new at Donald Gaddis Company.