A Quarterly Hit Parade

What We’re Writing:
A Quarterly Hit Parade

Amidst a week of scant sunshine, stubborn wintry temps, and baseball snow delays, first quarter at
Donald Gaddis Company has come to a close. While the ballparks worked around Monday’s
surprise storm, we rounded up a few of our newest “base” hits to share with you. See below for a
sample of our successes:

  1. Fertilizer distributor: GL including Products: $1M/2M limit. Sales: $650,000. $7,500
    premium. Property TIV: $380,000. Special including. Theft. $5000 deductible. $5000 premium.
  2. Commercial child care center with 50 children: BOP policy $1M/2M liability limits, Incl.
    Professional and Abuse & Molestation. $50,000 BPP/ALS Business Income. $2,100 premium.
  3. Vacant building held for sale by a bank: $350,000 agreed property limit on $1M value with
    coinsurance waived. Limit represented the outstanding mortgage value of the building to the
    lender. $3,000 premium
  4. Professional for title and escrow agency: Being non-renewed due to open claim. $700,000
    sales $1M/$2M limit. 5,000 retention. $8,614 premium. Matched expiring retro date.
  5. Cyber Liability: for a Meat & Seafood Seasoning Company, including First & Third-Party
    Coverages $15M sales. $1M limit. $5,000 retention. $3,176 premium.
  6. Private charter school schedule with large losses: Property for thirty locations nationally.
    Five recent losses totaling $325,000. $43M TIV. $91,000 premium.
  7. Design & Construction Professional: Firm provides engineering and delivery of dry material
    processing, storage and control systems. $6M sales. $1M/$1M limit. $10,000 retention. $7,950
  8. Private market flood insurance: Commercial office building in a Flood Zones “A.” The elevation
    certificate expired and the NFIP premium jumped from $2,000 to $6,800. We were able to put a
    quota-share policy for flood in-force for a premium of $3,750.
  9. Motor Truck Cargo: California based household goods mover, 1 unit, $2,000 premium.
  10. Product Liability – Valve Mfg used in chemical industry – $2M sales. 1M/2M/2M limit.
    $17,000 premium.
  11. Umbrella – Metal Goods Mfg: $34M sales, $10M limit. $52,000 premium.
  12. Event Cancellation, trade association: including Terrorism in Paris, France. $875,000 limit.
    $8,750 premium.
  13. Directors & Officers: Alcohol & Drug Rehab Facility. $17M sales. $4M limit. $19,000

WHAT’S NEW: Virtual Care Product

The convergence of technology and healthcare has created a need for customized insurance
solutions. Our new Virtual Care Product covers medical services E&O, 1st and 3rd party cyber
exposures, and media liability. This offers significant benefits for companies bridging the gap
between technology and healthcare in fields such as telemedicine, lifestyle management, wearable
devices, and related service providers.